The new dynamics of book publishing, a practicum with Seth Godin

By Do You Zoom, Inc. (other events)

Tuesday, January 11 2011 9:00 AM 3:00 PM EST

Maybe we'll do another one soon... Sorry.

Spend the day with publishing provocateur Seth Godin in New York, thinking about new and powerful ways to get books and ideas into the hands of readers. The rules for business books, cookbooks, novels—anything between two covers—are being rewritten, and this is either a huge threat or an extraordinary opportunity.

The industry is changing fast, and this lecture and Q&A session is a practical, opinionated wake up call for writers, agents and publishers looking for a new way to do business.

This seminar is for people who want to publish, promote, instigate, spread ideas, build a following and have an impact with their words. Industry denizens in search of a new way to leverage what they've got are as welcome as first-time authors. Seth's ideas are both iconoclastic and effective...

Doors open at 8:40, we start at 9 sharp. Seth will lecture until 10:30, then there's Q&A until 3. Around noon, we'll divide into groups with shared interests and head out for lunch (plenty of great places to choose from in the area). No video of this event will be published, and all the questions are off the record.

This is a small theater, so count on getting your thoughts heard.

Tickets are fully transferable but not refundable... Always wait thirty minutes after eating before swimming. People over 80 have no business riding a motorcycle.