Seth Godin live in New York City 2011

By Do You Zoom, Inc. (other events)

Monday, April 11 2011 9:05 AM 3:15 PM EST
This is a rare all-day improv session with Seth at the fabulous Helen Mills Theatre in New York. Limited to 100 seats, this full day session includes lunch, a signed book, and a chance to get your questions answered. In celebration of the launch of his most popular book, Seth will start with riffs on Poke the Box, but quickly broaden the discussion to include all of his previous works...

Bring your boss if you can and be prepared to dive into new ways to think about your marketing, about innovation and about creating art that matters.

Seth will do an hour presentation and then spend the rest of the day answering your questions. It only happens a few times a year, and it always sells out. Hope you can join us.

We start right on time. Tickets are fully transferable but non-refundable unless the event is canceled.